UV oxidation can cause your vehicle to appear dull and chalky, environmental contaminants can embed into paintwork leaving your vehicle feeling rough and gritty, while improper washing causes swirl-like scratches that reduces clarity.

A car without adequate paint protection is more prone to damage, which can ultimately lead to clear-coat failure.


Increased gloss and a slick feel that needs to be seen to be believed and felt to be understood.



Unrivalled hardness rating helps prevent against swirls and scratches.



Hydrophobic in wet weather conditions helps your car stay clean for longer.



A desirable glass-like appearance enhances clarity of coated surfaces.

What Do We Do?

A ceramic coating is only as good as the person applying it, that’s why each vehicle is prepared and coated by an accredited technician.

01 - Vehicle Inspection

Paintwork is inspected to determine if machine polishing or paintwork correction is recommended.

02 - Decontamination Wash

Snow foam and decontamination wash to remove embedded contaminates, wax or sealants.

03 - Masking of Delicate AreaS

The masking of plastic trim and other delicate areas is done to safeguard them from contacting polishing pads.

04 - Machine Polishing/ Correction

Advanced machine polishers are used to remove imperfections and to add a desirable level of depth and shine.

05 - Vehicle PREP

Technicians gently cleanse your car with a light solvent to ensure your chosen coating bonds to the surface.

06 - Application of Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating is carefully applied within a clean and  enclosed environment.

07- Curing Process

Freshly applied coating is now ready for curing to ensure essential bonding to coating surfaces.

08 - Final Inspection

An inspection is carried out to ensure each task has been met with the aim of achieving a perfect result.

09 - Handover

We take this opportunity to answer any remaining questions and to go through safe washing methods.

*Steps 3 & 4 are not included if customer opts out of machine polishing. 

Our new car quotes include upfront price options for ‘Coating’ and ‘Correction & Coating’


Scientifically proven coatings with a 5 or 9-year warranty make Gtechniq the ultimate choice.

Need help CHOOSING HOW TO PROTECT your investment?

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*If for any reason you sell your car within 24 months we will give you 10% off your next booking.

T&C’s Apply.


Gtechniq’s world-famous protective coatings offer unbeatable levels of hardness from a ceramic coating while its hydrophobic properties make washing a breeze. 

For those looking for additional hydrophobic protection, Gtechniq Exo V4 coating is available as an upgrade to your chosen base coat.

Pro Tip: For owners dark-coloured vehicles, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra is the recommended choice.

Pre Booking Tips

If necessary gently rinse your car with tap water, otherwise please avoid washing a new car prior to your booking to prevent any imperfections from appearing in the paintwork.

Post Booking Tips

Simply rinsing the car with water is enough for many customers. When a hand wash is preferred, the process is the same regardless of whether the car has a ceramic coating or not. That said, there are right and wrong ways of doing everything, and washing a car is no different.

For information on the correct hand wash method, please refer to our PDF guide.

5-STAR customer ReVIEWS


When it comes to car care, many people think that the dealership is the best option. After all, they are the experts, right?  Well, not always. The focus of car dealerships is more often the sale of the vehicle than the quality of the paintwork.


A new car can sit on a ship for weeks before being delivered by a truck, handled by the dealership and then washed. Remember one careless wash is all it takes to begin marring paintwork, and because a ceramic coating cannot be washed off, it’s best to let industry experts handle it.

If you book the ceramic coating with the car dealership, they are unlikely to offer pre-application services like polishing or paint correction. That’s where we come in. We inspect each vehicle with powerful lights and provide recommendations to improve the paintwork.

A poorly prepared or coated vehicle can result in a streaky finish. That’s why many people trust us to inspect, prepare, and apply ceramic coatings. Plus, at Advanced Detail, you’ll get a better deal than at a car dealership!

It’s worth noting that car dealerships know most customers sell or trade in their cars within five years. If the warranty isn’t transferable, dealerships may overstate the coating’s lifespan. So, if you’re a second owner, your warranty claim might not be honoured. Remember, ceramic coatings don’t last forever and car care and maintenance are still necessary.

choosing Between coating Vs correction & coating


Each car undergoes a thorough decontamination wash then each panel is gently cleansed with Gtechniq’s panel wipe. An accredited technician hand applies the ceramic coating of choice inside a clean and enclosed environment before being safely cured with the use of infrared lamps. Finally, your car receives an exterior detail and is now ready for you to enjoy.

Our commitment to quality and precision at every step of the process is what makes us the trusted choice for car owners who value the beauty and longevity of their vehicles.


Everything in the ‘Coating’ option, plus: your car will receive additional special treatment by having the exterior machine polished and defects like swirls removed to enhance the appearance of the paintwork, this is option is perfect for those wanting the best possible finish.

This option sets us apart and makes us the go-to choice for car owners. Whether you’re looking to show off your car at a car show or just want it to look its best, our ‘correction & coating’ treatment will leave you with a result that you can be proud of.

For more information see paintwork correction page.

Our new car quotes include upfront price options for ‘Coating’ and ‘Correction & Coating’