How much does detailing cost?

The cost of detailing varies depending on certain factors, these include vehicle size, condition, and the level of detailing required. To better determine an accurate quote it’s encouraged to visit us to asses the vehicle otherwise an estimate may be possible.

Do you price match?

We continually aim to be competitive and are willing to discuss matching/beating a competitors quotation, it is important to note that we are a high-end detailer and delivering superior results requires time that otherwise cannot be achieved if a service is rushed.

Is paint correction/polish needed if the car is brand new?

Once a ceramic coating is applied it cannot be washed off, therefore it makes sense to have paint look its best before the coatingis applied. The use of fine compounds and polishes achieves a level of gloss higher than factory delivered vehicles.

How long does ceramic coating service take?

Unlike Dealerships that apply coatings without preparation (ie correction/polish). Having a ceramic coating service done at Advanced Detail is worth considering for achieving a show-car type finish. Allow for 1-3 days depending on the size, colour and condition of the vehicle.

Is paint protection really worth it?

The answer is often determined by each individual’s needs and budget. Some of the benefits include; ease of maintenance as the coating is hydrophobic, the reduction of swirls or fine scratches with the coating adding a layer of hardness (ceramic), and increased gloss. Vehicles can also obtain a greater resale value if cared for.

Do you offer mobile detailing?

As each booking can take a whole day or more, and that ceramic coatings must be applied within a clean and dust-free environment, we are unable to offer mobile services.